Perfect Choco

Cone Dipper

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The Perfect Choco Cone Dipper is perfect for Ice Cream parlors looking to differentiate themselves by offering a more extensive and decadent range of products to their patrons.

Using real chocolate, this machine delivers consistent results for dipping ice cream cones, comes in a variety of sizes and quantities of containers to meet your specific needs. The easy to clean design permits for quick clean-up and extra versatility.


  • Tempering equipment, air heated by electric elements
  • Chocolate capacity (2 quarts; 1.9 litres)
  • Adjustable dual display with electronic thermostat (FUJI)
  • RTD temperature probe
  • Preventative temperature reader which helps prevent burning
  • Interchangeable chocolate pans for quick color/flavor change
  • Manufactured with food grade approved materials such as stainless steel
  • Stainless steel lids with slots for utensils
  • Containers are easily removable for quick and easy cleaning without the use of any tools
  • Equipment may be installed on a tabletop or fitted into a counter

Cone Dipper