Perfect Choco

Wheel Enrober

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The Perfect Choco Wheel Enrober is designed for facilities with medium to large volume chocolate production who are looking to expand their production lines while improving performance and productivity with coating materials.

The use of the wheel instead of a pump saves time on cleaning and chocolate change as well as reduces the risk of contamination. The mounted castors provide flexibility for storage and space limitations in floor space.


  • The AIR 6.0 or Air 10.0 comes standard with this machine see technical sheets for the AIR 6.0)
  • All materials are food grade approved such as stainless steel, etc…
  • Heated polycarbonate cover
  • Variable belt speed between 0-10ft/min (0-3.05m/min)
  • Intake and outlet belts may be controlled separately or synchronized
  • Double chocolate curtain with adjustable opening
  • Full coating of product, including bottom
  • Industrial blower with adjustable speeds at a constant temperature of 95°F (35°C) to remove excess chocolate
  • Adjustable vibrational feature (speed and amplitude) to remove excess
  • Detailer to remove bottom enrobing tails
  • Mounted on casters with brakes