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  • Giving your business a leg up on the competition and focus on expanding your market.
  • Advantages of Financing With Marlin
  • Preserving your cashflow is an essential part of any business.

100% Financing

You can finance 100% of your equipment. No down-payment required.


Purchase your equipment today for a minimal monthly payment.

Taxation Savings

When you finance your equipment, your tax savings could be greater than your first year’s worth of payments. ***Dependant upon your location. ***

Financing FAQ’s

Financing FAQ’s Financing with Marlin
Can I purchase my equipment with no down payment? With Marlin
No downpayment is necessary.
Can I upgrade or add on to my production line? You can add onto your line or upgrade your equipment at any time.
Can I keep my line of credit open if I choose to? You can keep your line of credit open as long as you like.
Can I get approval withing 24 hours? Approval is often provided the same day.
Can I customize my payments to best suit my needs? Marlin will work with you to get you the best payment options tailored to your business’ individual needs.

Keep your cashflow and get the equipment you need right away!