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Large Melters

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The Perfect Choco line of melters are designed for the large batch confectioner to feed melted chocolate into temperer, enrober or depositor systems.

Melters are available in various sizes. Additional jacketed piping and chocolate pumps are also available.

Melters are available with all Voltage and Hertz to meet your needs


  • *New* Conical bottom tank for easier cleaning, Help prevent loss of chocolate in cleaning process
  • Heated by a water jacketed system
  • Made of stainless steel with a glass bead finish
  • PLC touchscreen with Schneider user interface
  • Chocolate level indicator
  • Colored sensor indicator lights to signal alarms such as low chocolate levels or other alarms
  • Water level sensor which secures the system in the absence of water to the heating elements
  • Temperature probes into chocolate and water
  • Rotary mixer driven by a Nord Gear motor and reducer
  • Protected by a magnetic lid that opens halfway for filling chocolate pistoles
  • Communication with other equipment possible via ethernet
  • Electrical certification (CSA® in the US & Canada)
  • 2 drains with butterfly valve 1,5”

* Optional items: Chocolate pump system and jacketed piping.