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The Perfect Temper 75 is perfect for small and medium artisan chocolatiers to semi-industrial chocolate product producers.

User friendly and versatile, this machine will provide you peace of mind and more time to do what you love; Create. The Perfect Temper 75 is a new state of the art automatic tempering machine with unique features such as a communication interface using a tablet which allows remote connection.


  • Hourly chocolate tempered production: 165lbs/hour (75kg/hour)
  • IPAD® control panel, using a web platform
  • Recipes available and store for easy retrieval (Tempering, Enrobing, and Dosing setting)
  • Movable chocolate nozzle (to accomodate various molds)
  • User friendly control panel
  • Easy cleaning (Screw removable from front position)
  • Remote access through internet (IP)
  • On wheels
  • Handling bars and or Accessories bars for tools or stainless steel shelves
  • Perfect Choco modular approach, with easy equipment add-on as Enrober 12’’, Melter and cooling tunnel
  • Heated vibrating table
  • Electrical certification (CSA® US & CANADA)
  • Dosing pedal for molding
  • Start/Stop Vibrating table with a programmable pedal
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Industrial components
  • Tank capacity: 65lbs (30kg)
  • Tank diameter: 16’’
  • Cooling capacity : 4800 BTU/HR
  • Intelligent Temperature Control for tempering
  • Dimensions without the vibrating table: Width 26.5’’, length 29.75’’, Total height: 54’’, Working height table: 35.5’’
  • Maximum dimension of molds for the Vibrating table : 8’’ x 14’’
  • Weight of Vibrating table: 25lbs
  • Total weight: 250lbs
  • #4 stainless steel finish
  • Voltage: 240Volts single phase
  • Amperage: 20Amps


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Automatic Tempering