Perfect Choco

Cooling Table

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The Perfect Cooling Table is designed for mid-size to large operators and expanding businesses.

The modular design is created so that this machine can grow with your business by adding this to an existing line and thus increasing your production in a fraction of the time. The Perfect Cooling Table is made for increasing productivity with a quick and constant cooling of the chocolate bottom coatings.


  • All materials are food grade approved such as stainless steel, the polyurethane food conveyor belt and plastics
  • Variable belt speed between 0 – 10 ft/min
  • Automatic intake and output strap alignment, Pneumatic belt tracking system
  • Functions with a glycol chilling unit
  • Electronic dual display thermostat (FUJI) to adjust and read the temperature of the glycol tank
  • Connected to the customer’s air compressor
  • Each section is mounted on four braked casters with adjustable height
  • Other lengths available upon request

Modular approach