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The Perfect Choco Heating Cabinet is perfect for hands-on artisans, businesses with a diversified line of products and for businesses with limited production space.

The Perfect Choco Heating Cabinet is the most economical method of melting and keeping the chocolate in melted form. Interchangeable pans for the AIR 2.0 tempering unit provides flexibility and significantly reduces the time required for a chocolate color change. As part of Perfect’s modular approach, our Heating Cabinet can be integrated to your production line as your business grows.


  • Air convection heating system
  • Heavy duty, AIR 2.0 compatible stainless steel (NSF approved) pans included – Pan capacity of 45lbs (20kgs)
  • Adjustable dual display with electronic thermostat (FUJI)
  • Preventative temperature reader which prevent burning
  • Manufactured with food grade approved materials such as stainless steel, etc
  • Mounted on 4 braked casters
  • Can be used as a table for the AIR 2.0
  • Can also be used for storage for various accessories (air brush, decorative tools)

Heating Cabinet

Modular approach