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Pre Bottomer

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The Pre-Bottomer is perfect for medium to large scale operators.

The modular design is created so that this machine can grow with your business by adding this to your line with a cooling table, and an enrober. The Perfect pre-bottomer is designed for preparing your favorite products for enrobing by applying a uniform layer of chocolate to the bottom and sides.


  • Air heated by electrical elements
  • Dual display electronic thermostat (FUJI) to read and adjust actual temperature
  • RTD temperature probe
  • Preventative temperature limited to avoid burning
  • Cooling accelerated via integrated ventilation fan
  • All materials are food grade approved such as stainless steel etc…
  • Variable belt speed between 0-10ft/min (0-2.5m/min)
  • Adjustable chocolate wave height 0-1” (0-25mm) created via the drum under the conveyor belt
  • 26” (660mm) long intake
  • Infeed and outfeed belts may be controlled separately or synchronized
  • Adjustable vibrotational feature (speed and amplitude) to remove excess
  • Detailer to remove bottom enrobing tails
  • Clear polycarbonate cover with radiating heating element
  • 1.5” (38mm) drain with a butterfly valve tri-clamp
  • Mounted on casters with brakes

Pre Bottomer